All Natural

Featuring both Clean Label perishables and Indulgent items, our Clean Label perishables uses only minimally processed ingredients. Our Clean Label perishables are handmade and All Natural. Our house made vegetarian smoked salmon is smoked with natural hardwood smoke and does not contain sodium nitrate. Our surimi is made with sustainable white fish and is wild caught. Our shrimp in our Shrimp Salad Rolls and Spicy Shrimp Rolls do not contain sodium tripolyphosphate. Our wasabi is colored with spirulina and our pickled ginger is sweetened with sugar instead of aspartame. All of our Clean Label perishables do not have any added wheat and are made with Gluten Free Tamari. We include Gluten Free soy sauce packets with our sushi when available. No artificial coloring, sweeteners, nitrates, or sodium tripolyphosphates are used.

We preserve freshness by preparing and delivering fresh products to our retailers seven days a week. The following products are all part of our Clean Label perishables: Cucumber & Avocado Roll, California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Philadelphia Roll, Salmon Tuna Futomaki, Salmon Nigiri, The Morrison and Ahi Poke.

Our Indulgent items are also handmade seven days a week, but they are not part of our Clean Label series. These items include The Broadway, The Hawthorne and The Burnside. Shaped like our local bridges, these items are crowd pleasers and sushi bar favorites.

Gluten Free

For those who eat a gluten free diet or have cut back on gluten, we have good news! Most of our products are naturally gluten free. Over 95% of our wholesale items are 100% gluten free. With the exception of our Indulgent items–The Broadway, The Hawthorne and The Burnside–all of our grab and go perishables are Made Without Gluten: Cucumber & Avocado Roll, California Roll, Vegetarian Philadelphia Roll, Salmon Tuna Futomaki, Salmon Nigiri, The Morrison, Spicy Noodles and Ahi Poke.


Origami Catering is a time-tested and proven manufacturer without a single recall. Our food safety license is another reason Origami Catering is such a unique company. We are a small local business with enormous wholesale capability.

Our HACCP certification allows us to manufacture and deliver over 100 types of seafood items with guaranteed safety. From fresh Hawaiian tuna and Alaskan king crab to Oregon Dungeness crab, the possibilities for packaged sushi are endless–and the health risk is 100% managed and proven.

We are HACCP certified to wholesale seafood and licensed through the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration. We are also 3rd Party audited for Good Manufacturing Practices by Merieux NutriSciences and Compass Group USA.

Local Made

Local Means It’s Made With Love! Origami Catering is the only full-service sushi wholesaler based in the Portland area. Most sushi wholesalers are franchised from out of state. Located in North Portland, Origami Catering is right around the corner rolling sushi for local grocery stores, hospital cafeterias and university cafes. Supporting small local businesses feeds our economy and preserves our local character. We are grateful for your support.

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