Careers at Origami Catering

Who We Are

Origami Catering is a Portland based company focused on providing a sustainable sushi service to the Portland Metro area. We produce an exceptional line of Asian inspired dishes that are unique, healthy and All Natural with many Gluten Free options. With a “Be Friendlier than the Friendliest Store in Town” mentality, we believe great customer service goes a long way–we aren’t just supplying a product but a friendly, competent service that our business partners can count on. One of our common goals is to earn our customers’ business every day. We do this by exceeding expectations with our products and our service.

Another common goal we have as a team is the perspective that You Gotta have Wa. “Wa” is a type of harmony. It implies a peaceful unity within a group, in which members prefer the continuation of a harmonious community over their personal interests. “Wa” is a team spirit. It is respect for one another, and it is the respect for the common goal in the group dynamic.

We clearly want the best and the brightest! Are you the standout, the rock, the one who holds the entire place together? We want to meet you!

Current Openings